Gender Equality 

Hi guys I’m back, and today I wanted to talk about something that really bothers me and gathering from the title your probably going to think it’s the same thing everyone else talks about but its different I promise. I just want to basically have a chat with you about my life experiences around certain gender specific categories and how I feel about it, so let’s get straight into it. 

Firstly I want to give you a little more detail about myself to kindve give you more of an idea of who I am and it’ll help you to understand my story and experiences. So I come from quite a big family as my parents are separated and I have a mixture of both brothers and sisters. I’ve spent more of my life living with my dad, but I still did spend a substantial part of my life living with my mum. Both my mum and dad love sport so I’ve had a strong influence of that throughout my whole life and I could not be more thankful for that because it’s still to this day a massive part of my life. My dad and my stepdad are also massive car lovers and both had a range of cars when they were younger so Motorsport and cars have also been another massive influence on me. I can’t say I ever had a lot of interest in cars when I was younger, I used to watch the races on tv occasionally and than as I started to get a little older I became a little more interested and by the time I was about 14 I was a fairly big fan of sport. Up until the age of 15/16 none of my friends liked sport, so it was just my family that I communicated with about it. Than I made a friend who is possibly the biggest car crazed person I have ever met and I have definitely learnt so much and gained so much more of an interest in cars since we became friends. I also became friends with his friends who liked other sports so suddenly sport and cars were becoming 2 really big parts of my life. Now I was one of the only girls in my friends group and family who was interested in these two things and that never really bothered me because I always felt like I was included in everything. But than one day someone made a comment to me basically saying I was a girl and because of that I shouldn’t like those things. 

Ever since than I’m often thinking about the stereotypes of girls and how were expected to be one way. When I was at university I was studying sports management and 85% of my classes were males and sometimes I did feel like people looked at me wierd and judged me when they found out what I was doing. Again this never really bothered me because it was what I wanted to do and I’ve never been a person that let anything stop me achieving what I wanted. After the comment was made I always feel like people view me differently not always in a bad way but I just feel like people are constantly judging me. I either feel like people are saying that’s wrong those are things boys should be interested in or she’s only here to show off or she doesn’t even care she’s just pretending. I’m not even sure if that’s what people really think that’s just the kindve vibe I get from people sometimes. So much so that I won’t even mention anything about sport or cars around some people because I feel like they’ll judge me and I hate that. 

It is hard to often feel like I can’t be myself because people are judging me but at the same time it’s something I love and that makes me happy (except if my team is losing haha). I always try my best to remind myself that I shouldn’t care about what anyone else thinks and a lot of the time I don’t anymore. 

I wanted to write this and share some of my experiences with you because regardless of what it is everyone struggles with the feeling of being judged. The whole point of this post is to reassure you all that you can be whoever you want to be. As you’ve just read I’m constantly dealing with the thought that people are judging me over my interests. But you know what it’s something I like so why should I pretend to be someone I’m not. I’m a girl and I’m proud of that I’ll wear what I want, look how I want and if I want to go to a burnout competition and be covered in rubber than I will and no one should judge me on that because that’s me. So whether your a male or a female do whatever you want and be whoever you are because in the end you can’t please everyone and I think life is about making yourself happy there’s no point being miserable because someone doesn’t approve of you. Just remember your not alone we all feel like this sometimes and it’s important to remind yourself that your special there’s no one else like you in the world and you should let yourself shine.

If you would like to hear some more of my life experiences and how I’ve dealt with them than please like this post. I do like to share as much as I can with all of you because I know sometimes knowing that someone is or has gone through the same thing can be reassuring. Thankyou for reading I will be back with another post on Friday so stay tuned. 


Spending your Money on what? 

Hello guys and welcome back, today I want to share something that I feel like could inspire a few of you. So back at the beginning of the year when I was seeing everyone posting their New Years resolutions all over social media, it lead me into thinking about the things I want to achieve throughout this year. I’ve never been one to really give myself New Years resolutions because I’m the kindve person who always fails to achieve them. So instead I decided I would just set myself a goal, with no real ending just something to work towards. That goal is to save more money, which you all probably want to do aswell but it’s my reasoning behind it that I want to share with you guys. 

I started to think about all the things I was spending money on. Were they important, what was I gaining from buying that, was it really worth it? I am fairly good at saving money already but I just felt like I was still wasting to much of my money on things that weren’t all that important. I started to think about all the things I want to do in my life travel, buy a house, live a life where money doesn’t stop me from doing things. 

I started to think about what I was getting out of my purchases. Sure that lipstick might look nice now but when I’m 80 and looking back on my life it’s not really going to be a stand out. I started I guess living by the idea that life was all about experiences, because in the end those are the things your going to remember. 

So I have taken it upon myself to limit the amount of money I spend on material things that aren’t going to matter later on in life. Like I said previously there’s no goal on how much I want to save by the end of the year. I’ve just set myself a challenge to save more of the money I would usually spend on material things. 

So I’d like you guys to have a think about how you spend your money and how it’s impacting your life. Obviously everyone’s priorities are different so you may not even second guess buying something I have cancelled out purchasing all together. But maybe like me there is a few things that you probably don’t need and could limit buying in order to save those couple of extra dollars. 

I hope you gush enjoyed this, I just wanted to share something that could help inspire a few of you to change the way you live. It might suck now but I’m confident that later on in life I will have better memories to look back on and I not regret this decision at all. As always thankyou for reading I appreciate all your support and I’ll be back with another post on Friday.


Monthly Charity | March 2016 

Hi guys, I’m finally here with my first charity for you guys to get involved with and I’m super excited to share it with you all. Just in case you missed my first post that introduced this whole concept of this monthly charity thing, I’ve included it here for you to check it out. 

Now I wouldn’t say this is a charity, but it’s a group of young entrepreneurs that have come together with an awesome concept in order to help other charities. They are called One Tee Group and what they do is sell simple white tee shirts with a cool little logo. Than $5 from every purchase is donated to a charity of your choice from the list below. 

 The reason I thought this was really cool is your not only doing your part to make a difference but you get a super cool tee shirt from it, who doesn’t love a basic white tee in their wardrobe? You can buy for both women and men and I think these would be a great gift aswell. 

Not only does this organisation donate to the charity of your choice they also fund a number of projects both here in Australia and internationally in the hope to create a better world for our future generations. So think of it like this you get to add to your wardrobe and you don’t have to feel bad about it because a portion of your money is going to a charity.

I have already ordered my own and I encourage you to do the same and if you order three you get free shipping so maybe get your friends involved. If you would like to know more about One Tee Group or purchase your own tee shirt than you can head over to there site by clicking here

I hope you guys like this idea and get on board because its such a good way to get involved. If you enjoyed this first post than please give it a like. I’m also already planning next months charity and post so be excited. Remember if everyone just made a few minor changes in their life the world would be a different place. As always thankyou for reading and I will be back next month with another charity to share with you guys. 


My Dream Journal | Week 1 

Monday – no dream

Tuesday – no dream

Wednesday – no dream


This ones a bit tricky because I can’t remember the whole dream but what I do remember is  before I went to sleep I was watching gossip girl. All I can remember is that I had a dream relating to gossip girl I remember some of the characters were there but I have no idea what happend. Then after that I remember having another dream about the show The 100, which if you guys haven’t seen definitely go and watch it’s on Netflix. If you haven’t seen it than you probably won’t understand but Clarke the main character was pregnant with Bellamy the other main characters baby and that’s all I can remember from that one aswell.


This is a bit of a wierd one but I remember being at my nan and pops and there was this old woman chasing me I managed to get in my old car which was a manual that I could never drive properly. Somehow I managed to get away in the car with the little manual skills I have. But she managed to catch up in her car and we were weaving through all this traffic even going the wrong way at one stage. Than as dreams are unrealistic the old woman was on top of my car and for some reason now parts of my car were open as if it was a convertible when it wasn’t so she was scratching me and being violent I was trying to get her off. Suddenly I decide to slam on the brakes and she goes flying off th car than I woke up.

Saturday – no dream

Sunday – no dream

Monday – no dream

Vegetarians and their Reasons 

It’s time to get controversial and stir up some conversations about the topic of vegetarians and the reason for their change in diet. Growing up I’ve known a lot of vegetarians, some of which I’ve respected for their decision and others which have annoyed me.

The problem I have with a number of vegetarians is there not doing it for themselves there doing it because it’s the latest cool thing to do. When I was in high school I knew a girl who claimed to be vegan. On the night of my birthday party we had pizza and in the middle of the night the only one left was meat lovers. Now because this girl was hungry and obviously didn’t care to much about her claim to being vegan she ate a piece which was fine until I heard what she said. “Just don’t tell anyone”, this really annoyed me because I thought who cares what anyone else thinks isn’t this meant to be a lifestyle choice you have made for yourself?

This same girl was also what I like to call a preacher for becoming a vegan/vegetarian. She was constantly telling me and my friends that it was bad to eat meat and basically trying to guilt trip us into following her decision. This really annoyed me because we all have our own choices in life and while I can appreciate someone being informative about something she went about  it in the complete wrong way.

 Than we have another friend of mine who was vegetarian, purely because meat made her feel sick and she just didn’t feel right eating it. I still to this day completely respect her decision to turn vegetarian and I could never say a bad thing about her influence over the rest of us. There was not one time that she made us feel bad for eating meat, she just did her own thing. We respected her and she respected us and that is the best possible way to go about it.

Personally I love meat and there’s no way I could ever turn vegetarian, but if you choose to go down that path for the right reasons than I will support you all the way. I just don’t appreciate the bullying coming from a certain group of vegetarians.

Now here’s the time to have your say, how do you feel about vegetarians? Positive or negative please leave your points of discussion in the comments section below. I would love to know your opinions on the matter and I think it’s a great topic for discussion. Now that’s it for today, I will be back on Monday with another post so stay tuned.

What to Wear? | Rainy Humid Day 

Hello to all you lovely people, I hope your having a great day or night depending on where you live.

Today I have another fashion post for you which I am planning on turning into a series. So I’m terrible at choosing outfits in the moment and it often takes me changing about 5 times before I can finally decide on what to wear. So to help both you and me I’m going to start putting together outfits for certain occasions or weather situations.

Today I have chosen to put together an outfit for a rainy yet still humid day. Here in Australia we often get a lot of these days so it’s nice to have a few bits and pieces in your wardrobe suitable for this type of weather. Also all the items below are from which I chose as they ship worldwide, so everything is available for you no matter where you live.

So let me talk you through the look I have chosen for today, first we have the dress. I chose this because it’s lightweight so it won’t be to hot in the humidity and it’s still really casual and I love that it’s got pockets in the front. Next is this denim jacket, in case you did want to cover up a little bit. It’s not rain resistant but it’s not going to heat you up to much which is good in the humid weather, it also looks super trendy. I chose boots for this look because there’s nothing I hate more than wet feet. The leather keeps the rain out and the fact that they have a heel and a slight platform means your feet are further from the ground. I just chose this little black bag, again it’s leather which is great to keep the rain from wetting all your valuables. The watch is just there to accessorise the look a little bit without looking to fancy with big chunky necklaces or bracelets. It’s also a great staple to have as it goes with everything. Last but not least we have the umbrella for obvious reasons. Now that I think about it I did choose this small one as they are great to fit in your handbag but I don’t think this bag would be big enough. Anyway it’s still probably easier to carry than a big one, and I just chose a simple black again to keep the look fairly minimalistic.


Denim Jacket 





So that’s it guys I hope you did enjoy this post, I know this was kind of short and simple but I like that and I hope you do to. So if you would like to see more posts of this style than please don’t forget to give this post a like. Also if you have any requests for the next outfit occasion than please leave them down in the comments below. Thankyou for reading and I will be back on Monday with another post for you all.